Our Product Range

Lubriclean offers an extensive and growing range of lubrication products, hydraulic oils and detergents for most applications. Contact us for your requirements.

Automotive Lubricants

Our automotive range covers your vehicles requirements, whether it is a motorbike, passenger cars, high performance cars, long distance super link truck, or agricultural equipment.

  • Passenger car oil
  • Heavy duty diesel oils
  • Automatic transmission fluids
  • Tractor Fluids
  • Outboards
  • Greases
  • Brake Fluids
  • Anti freeze
  • Gear & Axle oils

Industrial Lubricants

Our industrial range includes hydraulic oils, cutting oils, transformer oils, greases, etc, etc.

  • Hydraulic oils
  • Refrigeration & compressor oils
  • Greases
  • Gear oils
  • Transformer
  • Slide way oils
  • Transformer/Insulating Oils
  • Mould release oils
  • Heat transfer oils
  • Cutting Oils
  • Circulating oils
  • Turbine oils
  • Pneumatic oils

Food grade lubricants

Where health issues are paramount, we have your equipment covered.

  1. Hydraulic oils
  2. Greases
  3. Gear Oils

Marine lubricants

Greases and oils specific to the marine industries requirements.

  • Greases
  • Engine Oils


When working with dirty engine parts, we will help you make a clean start with these products.

  • Teepol
  • Degreasers
  • Auto shampoos
  • Polish
  • Handcleaner

If you have any special requirements, please contact us. We will do our utmost to solve your problem.

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